Hot Mess

Hey there!

Welcome to Hot Mess' official website. Hot Mess is a "talker" - that is, an old-school chat service. Specifically, it's an adult talker. (That means if you're reading this and you're under 18 - please find another place to spent your time and feel free to come back when you turn 18!) Unlike other talkers, Hot Mess is definitely not stuck in the past and still under active development. You're currently looking at the HTML5 web interface to sign on to our system.

Of course we're still available through the old telnet interface by telnetting to on port 9900. We currently require you to create your account through the telnet interface, but once your account is created most of the system can also be accessed through this website. If you already have an account, please login on the left hand side to begin using the web interface.

You may have noticed the lockpad icon in the topleft (or topright) of your browser window. Your connection through this web interface is secure and cannot be listened in on, unlike the telnet interface which due to the very nature of telnet is not.

Enjoy your stay and please leave any feedback you may have so we can continue to improve our services!